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On guitar, the expression “twofold stops” signifies two notes played all the while. Another approach to consider them is as stretches: thirds, fourths, sixths, etc.

Guitarists including Johnny Smith, Jim Hall and others utilized twofold stops to add some consonant shimmer to their lines.

The objective of this arrangement is to really put a few licks under your fingers. All things considered, the most ideal approach to learn something is to apply it basically!


An incredible spot to begin with twofold stops is with 3rds and 6ths. Here, we will utilize those spans in licks over basic movements, for example,


I – I (major to resemble minor switches)

Lydian scale with 3rds

This lick is taken from the March 2016 Tune of the Month Club for the tune, “Blue In Green”.

As should be obvious, this section utilizes for the most part 3rds. These are generally gotten from the Bb lydian scale. Attempt to fit it on Maj7 harmonies in different tunes you know!

Download ALL of the shapes here: “Utilize Double-Stops Melodically” – PDF (incorporates TAB)

ii-V-I with 3rds

Here, we are taking an exemplary guide-tone line over an ii-V-I movement and fitting it in 3rds.

ii-V-I with 3rds and chromaticism

Here is another over an ii-V-I utilizing 3rds. This time, we’re utilizing some sliding and chromaticism.

Major to Minor with 6ths

This one is a gesture to our “Major to Minor” issue from half a month back. This time, we’re utilizing 6ths and we’re rehashing a similar lick, with the exception of we’re transforming it from major to minor.

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