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Stevie Ray Vaughan, or essentially “SRV” is perhaps the best blue guitarists in music history. His front of Jimi Hendrix’s “Small Wing” is a demonstration of his capacity, yet it is in his dependable mix style playing, otherwise called the Texas Shuffle, in melodies like “Unrivaled delight” that truly champion. SRV guitar interpretations like the Texas Shuffle are an incredible sounding, and fun approach to play any kind of mood, particularly in the blues.

What is the Texas Shuffle?

SRV’s musicality playing was remarkable and it is generally recognized by the swinging feel. In tunes like “Unparalleled delight,” it’s very self-evident, yet he likewise utilizes this sort of mix in melodies like “Mary Had a Little Lamb,” however, that tune additionally has a touch of funk in it also.

The vital component of the Texas Shuffle is that downstrokes are discernible while upstrokes are quieted. This means when you’re playing a riff, you would play out a downstroke ordinarily yet on the upstroke, you’re getting that chugging sound since the strings are not played. On the off chance that you do this at a quick, swinging kind of rhythm, you’ll be en route to a legitimate SRV Texas Shuffle.

Step by step instructions to rehearse the Texas Shuffle

A great deal of the time, SRV played on the key of E, and utilized the E minor pentatonic, however a ton of the melodies he played were tuned to E level. To rehearse the Texas Shuffle, you need to begin with a basic 12 bar blues.

Keep in mind, the 12 bar blues structure is just playing 4 bars, or measures, in gatherings of 3. The primary gathering of 4 is the root note, and the principal harmony. For instance, in case we’re playing in the key of E, or explicitly from the E significant scale, here are the notes:

1     4    5

E – F# – G# – A – B – C# – D#

The 12 bar blues goes this way:

1 – 1 – 1 – 1

4 – 4 – 1 – 1

5 – 4 – 1 – 1

That is the principal harmony for 4 bars, trailed by 2 bars of the fourth, at that point 2 bars of the main, at that point at long last closure in 1 bar of the fifth, 1 bar of the fourth, and 2 bars of the first.

In Gary’s exercise on this theme beneath, he tells you first the best way to play the Texas Shuffle utilizing the 12 bar structure. Here are the harmonies:

E – E – E – E

A – A – E – E

B – A – E – B

Look at Gary’s exercise on the best way to play SRV style Texas Shuffle underneath:

For additional on the Texas Shuffle, make certain to look at our arrangement on Stevie Ray Vaughan here, as a feature of your Full Access membership.

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