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An appropriately positioned harmony with open strings can truly… ahem… *open* up your sound, while you are playing ballads or harmony tunes,

In all honesty, this isn’t bizarre in any way – guitarists like Lenny Breau and Ed Bickert both utilized open string harmony voicings in their playing.

In this exercise, we’ll experience ii-V-I movements altogether 12 keys, with in any event one of the harmonies in the movement containing an open string.

This will give you at any rate one voicing for each key (and now and again more than one), in addition to a commonsense method to utilize it in a movement.

Furthermore, to really sweeten the deal, we’ve arranged a total harmony song plan of The Days of Wine and Roses utilizing a significant number of these voicings!

Step by step instructions to Use This Lesson

Make certain to look at the chronicles under every guide to hear which ones you like – simply click the orange play button!

In case you’re similar to me, you’d need to print all the models off – so if it’s not too much trouble, download this free PDF. You’ll get all the models, a total harmony tune, and harmony graphs!

Download ALL models here: “Open String Voicings For Jazz Guitar” PDF

The thought here isn’t to remember these movements, yet rather leave with a couple distinctive open string voicings you appreciate for various harmony characteristics.

Keep in mind, you can generally return to later for additional!

1. ii-V-I in G Major

This Am9 is maybe the most notable open string jazz guitar voicing, and is usually utilized in songs and bossa nova playing.

The D7sus4 in the model was utilized to supplement the “vibe” of the Am9 voicing.

“Shouldn’t it be a D7?”, some of you may ponder. As a matter of fact, this is a typical Bill Evans stunt – smooth things out by subbing a sus harmony for the ordinary prevailing!

2. ii-V-I in D major

Actually these are on the whole open string harmonies, however we’re taking a gander at this great Emin11 voicing. This is a directly up Lenny Breau harmony!

On the off chance that you separate it, you’re truly playing a Bm7 voicing, and adding the open strings to transform it into Emin11. Flawless, correct?

3. ii-V-I in C major

Another exemplary Lenny movement. The key of C significant turns out extraordinary for this stuff… so I was unable to oppose making them all open string voicings.

Here, we’ve subbed the Dm7 harmony for its relative major Fma7, and afterward put it over a pedal note. Hello, I didn’t make the standards!

4. ii-V-I in Gb major

This Abm9 is kind of the sister harmony of the Am9 from model 1.

Same sounds, we’ve quite recently dropped everything down a semitone! It might simply not seem as though it on the guitar, however.

5. ii-V-I in Eb Major

This Fm9 is really dim! The open G string and the Ab on the fifth string structure a crunchy semitone – proceed cautiously.

6. ii-V-I in F Major

This Fma9 is an undisputed top choice! It’s somewhat of an odd one in light of the fact that the ninth is really in the bass.

To oblige this, we’ll utilize a tritone sub for the V harmony – Gb7 rather than the standard C7. Smoother voice driving, you know?

7. ii-V-I in Ab Major

It’s incredible to utilize the open strings as expansions in a predominant harmony. Here, the open B string capacities as the #5 over Eb7.

The outcome gives you a Peter Bernstein sort of sound!

8. ii-V-I in A Major

A simple method to think about this Ama9 is only one fret up from the Am9 in model 1. Wonderful bossa nova harmony!

9. ii-V-I in Bb Major

Another predominant open string harmony here – this F7b5 gives you somewhat of an entire tone sound.

Also, you get a reward open string harmony with the Bbma9.

10. ii-V-I in Db Major

This Dbadd9#11 works incredible as a consummation harmony! The lydian sound in addition to open strings gives you a truly pleasant dim sound.

11. ii-V-I in B Major

You will not see many jazz tunes in the key of B, yet no one can tell when the jazz police will drop by and watch that you can do this stuff taking all things together keys

12. ii-V-I in E Major

Turns out that open B string is truly helpful in the key of E! You can utilize it over all the harmonies in the ii V I movement.

Reward: The Days Of Wine And Roses

It’s actual, ii-V-Is can just get you up until this point. Thus, we’ve arranged a total harmony tune on The Days of Wine and Roses with a considerable lot of these voicings (and a couple of additional items!).

Get the full game plan in this “Open String Voicings For Jazz Guitar” PDF!

Further Practice

Love this stuff? Here’s a convenient diagram to help you make up your own open string voicings for jazz.

Simply pick the sound you are searching for (ex. Ma9) and see which strings would work one of the harmony tones! (for this situation, 1 3 5 7 9)

At that point, play the remainder of the harmony tones as worried notes – on strings that aren’t the open string you picked, obviously. You may locate that specific strings turn out better for various keys… it’s truly enjoyable to analyze

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