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New Jason Isbell, Joe Strummer, Chrissie Hynde, Ben Gibbard, and Dhani Harrison Models Announced!

Bumper keeps on driving the chage with imaginative and rousing craftsman signature models, and the current year’s arrangement is the same! Look down for a first look at 5 new and energizing Fender Artist Series models both electric and acoustic!

Chrissie Hynde Telecaster

Broadcaster close by, Chrissie Hynde shaped The Pretenders in 1979 and immediately settled the band as a rowdy force to be reckoned with. Chrissie’s agitating Tele rhythms have been the heartbeat of the band’s tough sound from the earliest starting point.

The Chrissie Hynde Telecaster includes a birch body completed in Faded Ice Blue Metallic Road Worn® enamel, a custom mid-’60s “C”- formed maple neck with a 7.25″ range fingerboard – precisely coordinating Chrissie’s unique, vintageoutput Chrissie Hynde Tele pickups and a chrome reflect pickguard—all coordinating the obvious look and feel of Hynde’s prized ’65 model.

Ben Gibbard Mustang

Ben’s adjusted ’70s Fender Mustangs have been his favored visiting decision for quite a long time. The Ben Gibbard Mustang reproduces his adjusted visiting workhorses and adds some intense new upgrades. Highlighting a bored debris body plan for expanded reverberation and diminished weight and a one-piece 22-fret present day “C”- molded maple neck with 9.5″ sweep fingerboard and medium enormous frets, this guitar is an agreeable and adaptable stage entertainer.

Jason Isbell Telecaster

The Jason Isbell Custom Telecaster is outwardly striking – the Chocolate Sunburst flies against the cream twofold authoritative of the ’59-style Telecaster Custom body while Fender’s Road Worn® maturing measure gives it the look and feel of a very much utilized instrument. The vintage motivated mid-’60s “C”- molded maple neck and 21-fret rosewood fingerboard consolidates with the shining, searing tones of the custom Jason Isbell Telecaster Pickups and the chicken-pickin’ playability of the changed scaffold to make a guitar that sounds and plays as a decent as it looks.

Joe Strummer Campfire

Planned related to the Strummer home, the Joe Strummer Campfire gives recognition to the Clash’s eloquent and searing fellow benefactor, lyricist, beat guitarist and lead artist. For his entire life, he overwhelmingly advocated independence, self-articulation and change, and solidly trusted in the intensity of local area. Propelled by the amazing pit fires that Strummer held behind the stage at the Glastonbury celebration, this little body acoustic-electric is the ideal ally for social events of any size. Highlighting a strong tidy top with mahogany back and sides, the Campfire mirrors Strummer’s stylish with its matte dark completion, nickel equipment, and star trims.

Dhani Harrison Signature Ukulele

Dhani Harrison has a very assorted and fruitful music career.  Despite being a multi-instrumentalist and investing as much energy in stage as he does in the studio scoring motion pictures and programs, he has consistently been drawn towards the ukulele. His beginning with the instrument started right off the bat in his adolescence and he has kept on utilizing it a ways into his expert profession. Investing as much energy as he does with the instrument it was simply normal to have the need for a cosmetically and practically novel ukulele made for him.

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